Foundational Workshops

Foundational Workshops

These workshops are at the foundation of our critical thinking instruction. Each workshop can stand alone or done in any order.

These action steps will be developed through a co-design process that will include the EEE Leadership Cohort’s modification of the district’s existing curriculum with teachers implementing these curricular changes in the Spring of 2021 through an iterative process and using their on-the-ground feedback to guide the updates of the remainder of existing curriculum.

Denying access to rigorous learning opportunities because students are “too low” is unacceptable. Open the door to increased access to critical thinking in underrepresented populations by leveraging gifted and talented strategies with all students. Teach to the top 10 percent every day AND provide success for all students with practical strategies in this interactive workshop. Participants will leave equipped with content and grade-agnostic tools to raise the bar for students with sustainable differentiation strategies.

This workshop will give you powerful, but practical tools to leverage critical thinking as a sustainable strategy to help students feel connected in distance learning sessions. ​

Critical thinking is the essential 21st-century skill, but it is still a luxury good, typically reserved for the most elite students at the most elite schools. What if we could close this gap by helping educators teach critical thinking the way it’s been taught for thousands of years? “Thinking Like a Lawyer” is a powerful framework to help teachers in all subjects and grade levels push our students from “what” and “how-to” to “why” and “what if,” and Colin Seale will share practical instructional strategies for educators to give all students equitable access to deeper learning experiences. ​