On Thursday, August 3rd Colin Seale, Founder | CEO of thinkLaw, will be a Plenary Session Speaker at the National I Have A Dream National Staff Conference at Rutgers University.

The annual IHDF National Staff Conference serves as a learning community where all “I Have A Dream” foundation national and affiliate network staff gathers together to learn new skills and strategies to be more effective with their “dreamers”. They bring in external experts to lead the workshops and plenary sessions, and Colin is proud to bring thinkLaw’s unique approach to teaching critical thinking to this committed group of leaders.

His plenary session will feature a showcase of the thinkLaw program with the help of IHDF dreamers (current IHDF students and alumni), demonstrating how the Socratic method and other impactful inquiry strategies can help educators and program leaders ensure critical thinking is taught to all students. But the main event is really the High School Dreamers from IHDF-NY and IHDF-Newark and College Dreamers from IHDF-NY, who will be the participants of this showcase. Colin could not be more excited, saying that “This is a powerful opportunity to show an impressive group of grown-ups what an even more impressive group of young people can do when we tap into their inherent sense of justice and fairness using real-life legal cases!”

thinkLaw’s mission aligns seamlessly with IHDF’s mission and vision. thinkLaw exists to ensure that all students have access to an education that promotes higher-order thinking and enhances 21st century skills while the IHDF gives students access to opportunities not easily or readily available to underserved populations.

We are looking forward to providing the IHAD attendees with leading-edge critical thinking tools as they continue to help their “dreamers” succeed in life. Learn how to get involved in the I Have A Dream Foundation’s powerful mission by clicking here: https://www.ihaveadreamfoundation.org/get-involved/.

To learn how your school or organization can adopt thinkLaw’s standards-aligned program that helps educators teach critical thinking to all students, please click here to schedule a time to speak with someone on the thinkLaw team, call us now at (702) 318-7512 or join us on our next webinar; Thinking Like a Lawyer: Powerful Strategies

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