thinkLaw Announced As IEI 2022 Supes’ Choice Award Finalist

Transcript:  Hi, I’m Colin Seale, the founder and CEO of thinkLaw, and I am the proud recipient of the 2001 IEI Supes’ Choice Award for the best critical thinking instructional solution.  When you look at the type of respected superintendents that make that decision, that have seen our product offerings grow, and partner with us as we really start to think about what it looks like to create a world where critical thinking is not a luxury good. I’m gonna tell you that this award wasn’t  just an honor. It was a commitment. Since getting this award, all we’ve done is think more and more  about how we can make this as practical as possible. So now we’re working with districts  to figure out how you get kids access to rigorous grade level, tier one instruction.  That’s what tangible equity is.  We owe the commitment to keep on pushing and keep on doing that work, and it’s really guided our strategy for this entire academic year, and it will for the future. Thanks so much.

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