The key to success with any business or educational organization is innovative thinking! At thinkLaw we value fresh ideas and new perspectives. Where better to find innovative ideas than the campus of Arizona State University?

Arizona State University has been selected for the second year in a row by US News and World Report as the most innovative college campus in the United States! The honor recognizes ASU’s overall approach to higher education rather than individual initiatives or programs. ASU beat out both Stanford and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for this distinctive honor!

In the spirit of innovation, thinkLaw is proud to announce a partnership with Arizona State University and their Next Generation Service Corps (NGSC) program for the upcoming school year. thinkLaw will be participating in the Community Impact Lab course; these labs are for-credit courses where students explore human-centered design practices. They gain experience by examining the business challenges of real-life business partners. The students interview community stakeholders, research solutions, brainstorm multiple responses to the issues, and then prototype one solution that they pitch to their community partners in a formal proposal and presentation.

thinkLaw will be one of six community organizations from across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to partner with a team of 4-8 ASU students. “This course is a great chance for businesses and community organizations to explore innovative solutions for their everyday challenges,” said Laura E. Tan, Community Engagement Coordinator with Next Generation Service Corps. “The class also allows our partners to engage with students in a substantive way.”

We are asking students this semester to explore the launch and implementation of an interactive online teacher platform. Classroom teachers have a lot of responsibilities and limited time. We, with the help of the students, are looking to create a simple, effective online solution for teachers to seek support and share ideas. We want our ASU scholars to help create a powerful, practical tool that will empower and assist thinkLaw educators.

We look forward to partnering with the University and our student team. We look forward to all of the suggestions and innovative ideas they create!

To learn how your school or organization can adopt thinkLaw’s standards-aligned program that helps educators teach critical thinking to all students, please click here to schedule a time to speak with someone on the thinkLaw team, call us now at (702) 318-7512 or join us on our next webinar; Thinking Like a Lawyer: Powerful Strategies to Teach Critical Thinking to All Students

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