Message from Colin Seale, thinkLaw’s Founder and CEO

Newborns come out of the womb curious about the world, constantly wondering, questioning, and exploring their universe. So at what age should students belong to a learning that unleashes their critical thinking potential? Unfortunately, the critical thinking gap starts early. But it doesn’t have to. This is why I’m thrilled that districts like Desoto ISD near Dallas, TX, have adopted thinkLaw’s Early Elementary Curriculum as part of their Pre-K program.

I’m also excited that we aren’t just talking about when we teach critical thinking, but WHO we teach it to. We partnered with the Arizona Charter School Association to deliver our “Beyond Compliance: Critical Tools and Critical Thinking for Excellent Special Education Programming” to educators across the state because critical thinking cannot be a luxury good. As we march towards the end of the 2019, I am prouder than ever that educators across 21 states are joining our critical thinking revolution by leveraging strategies that work for gifted and talented students for the better instruction of all students. We’re even hosting our first ever thinkLaw workshop for educators this January in Phoenix, breaking down practical tools Arizona teachers can use to ensure they do not have to choose between test prep and rigorous and engaging instruction.

Even though Halloween is right around the corner, let’s not be afraid to do the work needed to close the critical thinking gap. Request your quote for curriculum, workshops for your parents and teachers, or if you’re an Arizona educator, sign up for our Beyond Test Prep workshop today!'s_new.png

Rep the thinkLaw Revolution!

Are you passionate about the movement and love to tell people what’s what about the power of Critical Thinking? Come CHECK OUT OUR NEW THINKLAW SWAG and treat yo’ self to something with a message you believe in.

 Use real-life legal cases to grab your students’ attention and keep them engaged on those tough days before and after holiday breaks! Keep your students actively engaged, writing, and PRODUCTIVELY TALKING with real-life legal cases!

Scary Engaging Lessons for Halloween! Let us help you with the fun, rigorous, and engaging HALLOWEEN LESSONS
  • Dead Neighbors? uses the critical thinking technique analysis from multiple perspectives to engage the students in your classroom and examine all sides of an issue.
  • Hansel and Gretel: Making and Evaluating Tough Decisions students analyze the decisions made by Hansel, Gretel, the woodcutter, and the witch. They all have problems. How could they solve them? Were the decisions they made the BEST decisions they could have made?
  • Task Card Activity uses FIVE real-life legal cases. Students will work in small groups to analyze the cases, examine evidence, and ask questions.

Daylight Saving Time is Nov 3rd– are you ready for inevitable question your students ask every-time this rolls around?

  • 36 states have interest in staying in daylight saving time year-round. But is it the best choice for the entire country? Let your students decide on some current legislation with this DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME LESSON.

Plan ahead for that Thanksgiving-coma with these drama-filled, *little to no teacher prep* THANKSGIVING LESSONS.

  • Thanksgiving thinkLaw Task Card Activity uses FIVE real-life legal cases. Students will work in small groups to analyze the cases, examine evidence, and ask questions.
  • Talking Turkey offers FIVE Persuasive writing activities that are perfect for those two short days before Thanksgiving break. Who should win? What is the rule? What will both sides argue? How will this decision affect the world?

Can you believe it’s almost that time of year again? Don’t Stress! We’ve got you covered with 3+ hours of Holiday Themed Lessons.

  • Nuttin’ For Christmas puts your students in the position of a lawyer with this kid as their client and guide them through a settlement and negotiation process! In “Rudolph” Students focus on making and evaluating tough decisions by analyzing the classic song to determine how Rudolph should react and what advise Rudolph would give.
  • Don’t Be a Grinch offers FIVE Persuasive writing activities that are perfect for keeping students engaged all the way up to the start of the holiday break!.

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